PE and Sports Funding

Allocation of spend 2017/2018:


1)      £11,904.00 Performing Arts and PE.

2)      £9435.00 Teacher training, within sports and performing arts and farm education.


Greatworth Primary School believes that arts and sports are essential in developing resilience, creativity and imagination.  Because of this, we have dedicated the majority of our Sports Funding Grant for this financial year in developing our Performing Arts and PE departments.  We also believe that putting learning in to real life contexts adds value and for this reason, we have also decided to continue investing in our partnership with Greatworth Hall Farm.


Learning out of school and in the countryside offers huge benefits for wellbeing and of seeing science, math’s, geography and other curriculum areas in action. We feel it is important that all children have the opportunity to experience this, and find that Greatworth Hall farm Education Centre provides this beneficial engagement beautifully on our doorstep.


Natalie Evans, Our performing Arts teacher has a PGCE and graduated in “Theatre Dance” in London.  She inspires our learners every week developing individual creativity and expression, she has assisted greatly with confident performances from our children, most recently with their production at the “Children singing for Children Concert” where their rendition of Les Miserables won hearts abound.


Our PE department is led by the ever motivating team at Inspired PE and delivered here at Greatworth weekly.  Our team lead Liam Nicell, is a UEFA B coach and Real PE level 3 tutor.  The team understands that the delivery style to KS1 needs to be very different to KS2, and every lesson proves an inspiration with children at every level, bringing evident confidence and agility at a pace that suits.


We have committed our funding to weekly lessons in these key areas with our professional partners, and have in addition, funded our teaching team to train with them in learning these key skills to utilise in the classroom bringing the Arts in to our core curriculum and not just an added “extra”.