PE and Sports Funding

PE and Sports Funding 2016-2017

Funding carried over from 2015-2016  £9,570

May 2016 Top up funding received £3,458

November 2016 Top up funding received £4,821.00

This academic year we have been using this funding for:

  • Whole school dance workshop - Road to Rio
  • SSCO Provision with Chenderit School - to attend sports festivals at Chenderit and support from the PE Specialist teacher Mrs Tamsyn King.
  • Hire mini bus/transport to attend sporting activities
  • Aspire Olympic whole school workshop
  • Weekly Performing Arts/Dance in school Tuesdays, one hour with each class
  • Weekly Inspired PE Coaching in school Fridays, one hour with each class
  • Whole school trip to The Pinnacle Climbing Centre in Northampton
  • PE Conference

PE and Sports Funding 2015-2016

sports funding impact statement 2015 - 2016.docx